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Watch this video and more on Detour Virtual Studio

MMP - Slow Burn - Abductors

30 - 60 mins • 1h 4m

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  • MMP - Slow Burn: Adductors

    When was the last time you tuned into your adductors? Cecily's latest zeroes in on the inner thighs with precise activation techniques, seamlessly woven into familiar poses such as triangle and warrior 2.

    This practice will inspire a myriad of possibilities for infusing more adductor awareness i...

  • MMP - Untuck Your Butt

    Too many of us subconsciously default to a posterior pelvic tilt - aka a tucked under tailbone. And while intentionally using a posterior tilt is helpful in some movements (like the ones we explored in Anti-Backbend Exploration), that's only one option. We also want the ability use the effort of ...

  • Yin with a Spin

    You'll need a wall space and something soft for this fusion of yin with FRC principles- expect some work with plenty of rest in between.

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