Bex Skeel

Bex Skeel

Broadcasting from: Hitchin, Hertfordshire

I’ve been teaching yoga for 6 years now- it’s been a long journey of experimentation and many mistakes, to get to where I am today. I’ve done 2 very different 200 hour YTT, one of which was recommended to me by a German, Zen Buddhist monk named Mathias whom I met when I stayed at a monastery in Japan (I don’t have many cool stories…please excuse the humble brag!). Both these courses left me feeling completely out of my depth when it came to teaching anyone other than perfectly able bodied, intermediate students.

Outside of the DVS I teach a wide range of ages and abilities and I would say my ultimate aim is to make my classes as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. Alongside Detour training (which completely revolutionized my teaching) I’ve also trained in Alexander Technique and Adaptive yoga as well as FRC. I’ve been training pretty extensively as a hybrid athlete for the past few years and I ‘m passionate about incorporating the tenets of strength training and athletic development into classes. I believe that everyone will benefit from some form of physical practice, but that this practice doesn’t define us and can change and evolve over time. I like to think that what I offer in my classes is a compliment to continuing whatever physical practice lights your fire with increased confidence, curiosity and an overall sense of feeling embodied.

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Bex Skeel
  • Yin with a Spin

    You'll need a wall space and something soft for this fusion of yin with FRC principles- expect some work with plenty of rest in between.

  • Shoulder Rotation Compilation

    No props needed for this practice, pull up your mat and enjoy 45 minutes of some of my favourite ways of sprinkling shoulder mobility movements into your yoga.

  • Room to Breathe 2.0

    We're back for part 2, this time the focus is on easing out compression in the back of our body and creating space for breath to move into. Using an extended exhale and added support, expect your breathing to feel spacious and effortless by the end of the 30 minutes.This gentle practice works wel...

  • Loaded Vinyasa

    Using a light kettlebell/dumbbell, we'll work on adding some shoulder and core stability to our vinyasa. Expect most of the elements of your typical vinyasa class, with some added spice!

  • Pull Your Vinyasa Into Shape

    Using a resistance band we'll add some much needed pulling into our yoga practice.

  • Strong From the Ground Up

    This practice is inspired by my strength training, using unloaded variations of some of my favourite strength practices to prepare you for some more traditional yoga shapes. You will need a black and potentially a wall for additional balance support.

  • Wall Salutations

    Clear some wall space and get ready to explore some more closed chain variations of the postures which make up a sun salutation

  • Walk the Tightrope

    Playing with our senses and working from our feet up, this class will take you through a series of stability challenges to explore a less static way of balancing.

  • Serving Up Tea

    Grab a yoga block and prepare for a treat for both your body and your brain. We'll focus on intentionally mobilising our shoulders using movements that will challenge our mobility as well as our proprioceptive sense.

  • Cats and Cows Flow

    Spend some time with your primary and secondary spinal curves - working on controlled flexion and extension in a flow inspired by the humble cats and cows.

  • Bird of Paradise Unbound

    Inspired by Trina Altman's sneaky strength yoga challenge, we'll flow towards an unbound version of Bird of Paradise pose - grab a brick and a wall if you find balance challenging!

  • Hip Aeroplanes

    Grab a couple of bricks and a wall space for a practice dedicated to learning how our feet inform our hips.

  • Room to Breathe

    This practice explores a series of rotational and lateral movements of the spine, with the intention of finding a freer moving breath by creating awareness of the movement of our ribs and thoracic spine. A block or cushion for sitting might come in handy

  • Gentle Breathing Exploration

    Pull up a bolster, pop on your comfiest clothes and prepare to go easy on yourself with this gentle, breath centred practice. with the aim of facilitating an effortless diaphragmatic breath, we will work towards developing a sense of ease in the shoulders, neck and upper back through a series of ...

  • Shoulder Binds Unbound

    This flowing practice helps to build the rotational capacity of our shoulders, building towards some of the more complex shapes we might see in our yoga practice.

  • Hip Rotation - Greatest Hits

    No props needed for this class. Enjoy 45 minutes of some of my favourite juicy mobility exercises, designed to show us where we are with our current mobility and then have those hips feeling strong and buttery.