Carrie Jacobson

Carrie Jacobson

Broadcasting from: Buffalo, New York, USA

My yoga practice began as an outlet for physical activity. I swam for much of my youth, and being in the water felt like a meditative practice. Years later, I found I was missing those hours spent in the pool connecting movement and breath, completely engaged in my own in my body. I started practicing yoga to move in a new way but realized it filled the void that had previously been occupied by swimming.

My first teacher was my mother, Anita Greber, the founder of East Meets West Yoga. I have worked with, and am influenced by Cecily Milne, Kathryn Bruni-Young, Jules Mitchell, Peter Sterios, and Alexandria Crowe. I began teaching in 2008 after completing my first teacher training certification with The Himalayan Institute and Rolf Sovik. I later committed to the 200HR Detour YTT and in 2019 became a Registered Yoga Detour™ Instructor. Today, I lead Yoga Detour™ classes at East Meets West Yoga Studio, where I am now also the Co-Owner.

My classes​ begin slowly, ​focusing on the effect of the breath​ on both body and mind. We move through the journey of isolations, activations, and integration, finding new ways to explore even the most familiar poses or transitions. Even when the practice may be heading toward more challenging shapes and sequences, there will always be space and time to observe sensation and learn experientially.

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Carrie Jacobson
  • Low Back Fix

    This practice includes movements that address low back stability and mobility. It is what I do when my low back is feeling a bit wonky!

  • Towards Crow

    A full body practice where we explore the strength and mobility required to balance on our hands. We will spend time developing spinal mobility, abdominal strength, shoulder strength and stability, and sneaking in hip flexion and hamstring strengthening! You'll want a dowel and yoga blocks for th...