Cecily Milne

Cecily Milne

Broadcasting from: Squamish, Canada
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yogadetour/

As the Creator of Yoga Detour, I’ve developed a bit of a reputation as someone who’s obsessed with raising the standards of education in the yoga community. I’ve invested countless hours in creating an approach that connects science to intuition and learning to experience, shifting mindsets through movement.

After immersing myself in Ashtanga for over 10 years, body pain led me to my own detour. I ventured beyond the yoga community to train with multiple movement enthusiasts including the Ido Portal team, Agatsu Inc, Gymnastic Bodies and Fighting Monkey, looking for answers. I trained with Dr. Andreo Spina to become a certified Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist (FRCms) and a Functional Range Assessment provider. And because I just couldn’t seem to quench that thirst for knowledge, I also studied Applied Training/Sports Animation with internationally renowned Osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer D.O., creator of the SomaTraining system and ELDOA.

Collecting information from these incredible minds and applying it to my own body and movement patterns has eliminated pain from my practice. Yoga Detour is a reflection of that journey, culminating in a process that I now endeavour to share in all of my classes.

Together, we’ll allow the practice to become a laboratory of sensation, observation and experimentation. My classes combine structure and intention with exploration and play as I guide you toward new experiences in both body and mind. My goal is to have you walk out of my class not only feeling amazing, but also having learned something about movement and yourself. I look forward to practicing with you soon!

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Cecily Milne
  • Crafting your Cossack Squat

    This practice targets both strength and range of motion as we isolate, activate and integrate the work involved in a Cossack squat. Having a chair, step-stool or yoga block would be helpful, along with an optional weight.

  • Detour to Wheel Pose

    Today’s practice will explore prep and progressions toward wheel pose. We’ll use blocks, and if you have access to a chair, wall, dowel or strap, and small ball that will help.

  • Connect to your Engine Room (Glutes)

    Time to get connected to the “engine room” of the body - our glutes! A source of power, stability and drive...grab a block.

  • Fun with our Broomsticks

    Re-Release from the DVS Archives! This class was recorded during a Facebook Live broadcast on June 26, 2020.

    Grab a broomstick (or a long dowel, 48" or longer suggested) and prepare for a fun and playful movement experience.

    Link to Spotify playlist - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5riG4VS0V...

  • Handstand Prep like a Pro

    If you're nervous about going upside-down, fear not - we only get to that part for the last 10 minutes or so if this class. Everything else before then is designed to be accessible and applicable to upper body mobility in general. Enjoy!

  • Sidebending Soirée

    A fan-favourite class from our original platform that uses mindful repetition to zero-in thoracic mobility. This class will have you feeling good and breathing even better. A cushion or bolster along with a block would be helpful.

  • Upper Body Detour Flow

    Detour flow, with emphasis on upper back and shoulders. Have a blanket or bolster on hand as well as one block.

  • Moving Meditation Flow

    Connecting to my roots with some moving meditation.

  • Unpacking 90/90 Mobility

    Let’s unpack 90/90 mobility work and get in touch with some true hip range of motion. Having a block and chair nearby will be helpful.

  • Exploring Skandasana

    If you've already enjoyed "Crafting Your Cossack Squat" and "Sidebending "Soirée", you've come to right place! We'll now combine the elements of side-bending and the Cossack progressions in an exploration of skandasana, a deep side lunge. Come prepared with at least two blocks (or chair for more ...

  • Wall-asana

    There are endless options available when it comes to building a movement practice at the walll. This full-body exploration targets strength and mobility while also challenging you with inversions, backbends and everything in between.

  • Another String in Your Bow

    The Detour approach to Dhanurasana, or Bow Pose, has the potential to revolutionize your backbending practice. Once you know how to prepare the body and find activation in the glutes, hamstrings, upper back and shoulders, your experience of this pose will never be the same! Moving through the pha...

  • Your Ankles Need This

    If you spend a lot of time on your feet, in shoes, or are an avid runner this is the practice you need to have in regular rotation. Explore everything from toe extension to ankle dorsiflexion, moving your feet through both passive and active work. This class ticks all the boxes when it comes to i...

  • Rock 'n Roll with a Chair

    Time to rock 'n roll. Grab a chair, a small ball and an optional weight as we Detour toward crow pose.