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    📣 Rachel’s ✨NEW✨class + this week’s trends!

    Rachel’s latest class aims to help you through the challenges of Eight Angle Pose, a low-to-the-ground arm balancing pose with hip components. This Detour Method peak sequence will help you progress toward Eight Angle Arm Balance, and even if you don’t...

  • Pre-Class Prep

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    These 10-15 minute classes focus on a specific area of the body to get it “prepped” for your favourite DVS practice. If you always feel better with a bit of extra time spent on your wrists, or often wish for a longer warm-up in the hips, shoulders, or core, these classes will help your body feel ...

  • Free class! A Quick Hit of 90-90

    This 20-min class focuses on techniques and engagements that will having you feeling the "work" even after you've rolled up your mat. Ideally you already have some exposure to the 90/90 position and know how to best make it work for you. So let's dive in and target the hips, glutes and inner thig...

  • Detour Top 10 Tasting Menu

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    Enjoy a curated collection of Detour-informed practices ranging in length from 15 to 60 minutes. Our "tasting menu" provides a little bit of everything, from full-body flows to more targeted movement snacks. Detour from conventional vinyasa-style classes and experience an approach that re-introdu...

  • Treat Yourself! Self-Massage Practices with Drew

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    Self-massage, also known as manual release or myofascial release, optimizes the function of our tissues while keeping our body well tuned for movement. That’s why the techniques shared here are the perfect complement to the rest of your movement practice.

    This series uses manual release to exp...

  • Segmented Breathing Series with Jules Mitchell

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    Yoga Detour is honoured to welcome our first Guest Instructor, Jules Mitchell. As an author, educator and leader in the yoga and movement community, Jules has created a series of four exceptional classes specifically for the Detour Virtual Studio. Each practice will guide you into a mindful state...

  • Welcome to the Detour Virtual Studio!

    Watch this short introductory video first to learn more about what the DVS has to offer you.