Fer Pasquel

Fer Pasquel

Broadcasting from: Madrid, Spain
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ferpasquel_yoga/

I’m Fernando from Mexico City but living in Madrid, so most of my classes will be either in full spanish or what I call “spanglish” where I’ll use some english cueing for you to follow along.

I’ve been a yoga teacher since 2016 practicing vinyasa and ashtanga until I pulled my hamstring (I can still listen to that “pop” sound *ouch*). After that, my approach to yoga changed completely and I went down the rabbit hole of learning about functional movement, biomechanics and movement in general. That rabbit hole brought me to Yoga Detour and it changed my teaching completely. Now my teaching goes beyond just guiding a sequence. I’m interested in my students learning and experimenting with their bodies. I’ve also become a geek in anatomy to share from a more informed place (big shout out to Drew Hume).

In my classes you can expect a familiar vinyasa flow but I’ll make sure to add some active work and joint mobility prep to get you ready for whatever life throws your way. I look forward to seeing your feedback in the comments!

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Fer Pasquel
  • Chill Hips

    Are you feeling like doing something gentle? This class is perfect to do on those days when you want to move but want something more soothing and chill. Put on your pj's or just get comfy and let's go.

  • Pistol Squat Prep

    grab yourself a chair and a resistance band and get ready to explore the pistol squat. This class will take through some ankle and knee mobility and you'll explore different ranges of this drill that will leave your quads burning.

  • Blanket Love!

    Grab yourself a blanket or something you can slide on (paper plates for example). In this class we'll focus more on the lower part of the body but the upper part won’t be left behind. Using the blanket we’ll find more engagement through some common poses so that we can use that any other time. Ho...

  • Diagonal Stretch

    This class is focused on working towards a mobility drill called the Diagonal Stretch. This stretch involves balance, core awareness, spine rotation and extension and hip flexor stretching. It’s really full of goodies! You’ll need a block and don’t worry, I offer different options to make it more...

  • Flow with in-Tension

    In this class we are going through a series of movements finding enough intentional tension in our bodies to move with control. Hopefully you’ll find enough engagement in the muscles to support you while we go doing a squat and some push ups. You won’t need anything else besides your mat.

  • Kickstart your Day

    In this class we go through a full body flow, moving most parts of the body to either get your ready for the day or when you want to get a quick break to recharge. Wait till the end for a lovely meditation that will boost your mood.