Hannah Stewart

Hannah Stewart

Broadcasting from: Ashford, Kent, UK
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hankatbarles/

Having taught yoga for over 10 years, I have witnessed my teaching and influences constantly evolve as I realise the more I learn the less I know.

I began learning yoga from an Iyengar perspective and from that very structured beginning I ventured off in many tangents including vinyasa flow and yin styles of practice. I believed there were aspects to each style of yoga that were wonderful, but the dogma surrounding them clouded the experience.

It was only after studying the Detour Method, and completing certifications in both Functional Range Conditioning and Functional Range Assessment, that I was able to see beyond the dogma. My goal in classes is to develop curiosity and inquiry within students whose needs range from wanting to move more, move better, dramatically increase range of motion, or just be without pain and experience more ease in their body.

My motto is "you're stronger than you believe" and I like to combine fun, creativity and challenge in my classes to access novel movement at any level, without competitiveness.

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Hannah Stewart
  • Straight Legs, Strong Knees

    Using resistance band to find full ROM resistance stretches, the jefferson curl and the classic hand to big toe yoga sequence, we will explore a strong and stable locked out knee position and move away from the microbend in the knee habit. You can use this practice to develop a larger range of m...

  • Bolster Detoured

    In this spontaneous class we explore using the bolster as a prop to add some load and challenges. Be mindful of the shape of your bolster as this may make some things more challenging. You can substitute the bolster for a rolled mat and blanket.

  • Active Dancer's Pose

    36 minutes of hip and hamstring love to bring us into a challenging progressive balance sequence.

  • Push the Block

    A full body practice with just one block as your only prop. We push into the block in many ways to create more activation and connection. A little focus on shoulder extension and balance, this fun class will get you feeling more and working harder. Expect some cramp and some heat in surprising p...

  • Mobility Maintenance Challenge Flow

    This full body flow is my go to maintence flow. Combining CARs and active range of motion for every joint, this challenging and creative sequence will wake up the whole body. Great for when you want to do a bit of everything in under an hour. You can opt to make it as challenging or easy as you n...

  • The Ball Class

    There are endless possibilities with this prop! Use this quick practice to find lots of interesting ways to incorporate a stability ball to create support or challenge in your practice.

  • Espresso Flow

    Enjoy this short, sweet, and potent movement flow.

  • Eagle Potential

    Explore lots of types of shoulder movement in familiar postures and explore how eagle pose can build towards stronger arm balance bases. We journey from thoracic mobility, cactus bridge (yep) to Eagle and dolphin variations.

  • BJJ or Meditation?

    The original intention of this class was to explore some hip strength to create a more comfortable seat such as cross legged pose for meditation or breath work.

    We also explore rolling into seated and more complex transitions. While I was exploring this, my husband said its also perfect for dri...

  • I Need a Hero

    Hero pose is wonderful if you take your time to get there. Most of this flow is active and spicy, with some time to chill at the end in hero pose. This provides some of the foundational work in building towards a drop back, which is featured in the Mobility Maintenance Challenge flow.

  • Naughty Hips

    We are often told in yoga not to move from "open" to "closed" hip positions. In this practice we will explore these fun transitions with the activation needed to make them feel good! Expect some challenges! We also delve into the softer side of pigeon and explore some delicious rolling in and out...