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Watch this video and more on Detour Virtual Studio

Relight My Fire!

Detour Peak • 59m

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  • Straight Legs, Strong Knees

    Using resistance band to find full ROM resistance stretches, the jefferson curl and the classic hand to big toe yoga sequence, we will explore a strong and stable locked out knee position and move away from the microbend in the knee habit. You can use this practice to develop a larger range of m...

  • Power Up Your Plank

    In this practice we’re going to build a plank from the ground up. We kick things off with our bellies down on the floor warming up all the necessary plank components. Then we’ll layer on new body positions and movements that build towards a high plank (the top of a push up.) We finish it off with...

  • Pistol Squat Prep

    Grab yourself a chair and a resistance band and get ready to explore the pistol squat. This class will take through some ankle and knee mobility and you'll explore different ranges of this drill that will leave your quads burning.