Meghan Gould

Meghan Gould

Hey There! I’m Meghan - born, raised, and currently residing in southern New Hampshire although I’ve lived and traveled all over the US in my 40-ought years.

My DVS classes are filmed wherever I can find adequate space - my office, my brother’s attic, or the great outdoors (when the weather cooperates.) Oh, and don’t be surprised if a rogue cat or dog trots through the frame. That’s par for the course around here.

My teaching style and classes are influenced by my background as an athlete. Growing up I played team sports, but these days you’re more likely to find me running ultra distances races. My aim is to share classes that are challenging, but also fun and rewarding.

Two people that have had the biggest influence on me are Cecily (and Yoga Detour) and Dr. Andreo Spina of Functional Range Systems. Their approaches to the body and movement have helped me overcome debilitating sciatic pain in my right hip and allowed me to continue running pain free.

I believe that we’re all athletes at some level and my goal is to help you go farther, faster, and stronger!

Broadcasting from: Peterborough, New Hampshire

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Meghan Gould
  • Wake Up & Flow

    Start your day off with this full body shake down and you might just skip your morning coffee. You'll explore movement through all your major joints and muscles so that you'll leave feeling ready to tackle your day.

  • Post Run EOD Stretch

    If you're looking for a good way to finish out your run or a long day at work, this is it! This will be a head to toe stretching session that'll leave you feeling awesome. A block and a towel might come in handy here.