New Classes Released Each Tuesday

New Classes Released Each Tuesday

Week of October 17th

Get back to some vinyasa basics with Rachel and explore one legged crow 🐦
Bring some bounce to your day with Alissa’s short class for your lower legs and feet 👣

Week of October 10th

Join Cecily for a remix of standing poses inspired by Ashtanga and infused with Detour 💿
Explore your capacity for core strength, mobility, coordination, and agility with Ali🔥

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New Classes Released Each Tuesday
  • Flow to One Legged Crow

    Want to feel some heat, tap into your inner child and even build a little self confidence? Well this flow is for you. Using "traditional yoga" poses to activate and prepare our bodies we flow to one legged crow. Seated and reclined options are explored ensuring that everyone will have a one legge...

  • Spring in Your Step

    Layering foot, ankle, and knee work, let’s see what the form of Warrior 2 feels like in your body when you build it from the ground up. You’ll have chances to see what changes from beginning to end as you ebb between detail work and fluid self reflection. A dowel, 2 blocks, chair or wall will hel...

  • Ashtanga Remix

    This practice follows a moderate pace, giving time to observe the breath and sensation as we move through a series of standing postures inspired by Ashtanga yoga. Accessible from beginning to end, we'll use blocks for support and take advantage of opportunities to cater the practice to whatever y...

  • CorePlay

    Grab a couple of blocks, some floor space and let's get rolling, literally! Let's play with some kinetic block drills and variations on familiar flows to explore and experience the wonder of your responsive and dynamic core.