New Classes Released Each Sunday

New Classes Released Each Sunday

Week of January 16th

In case you missed it, we are re-releasing one class from the DVS archives in addition to releasing one brand spankin’ new offering this week:

New to you? Cecily brings the heat with a chair-based strength practice 🔥
Test how your eyes and neck are functioning separately and together with Alissa 👀

Week of January 9th

Bex prepares you to move from Warrior 3 to Half-Moon with integrity 🦵🏼
Need a nourishing mobility flow? Sarah W. has you covered 👊🏼💥

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New Classes Released Each Sunday
  • Chair-Based Strength Practice

    Re-Release from the DVS Archives! This class was recorded during a Facebook Live broadcast on June 19, 2020.

    Pull up a chair (and maybe a weight) - this practice will have you moving from head to toe in a way no other chair-based class ever has.

  • Headstart - Eye and Neck Prehab

    All day we use our eyes and neck yet so rarely do we coordinate these two areas together at end range. This brief practice starts with head ramping, neck range of motion work, and strengthening actions for your eyes. At the end, we practice expanding our field of vision in a modified Triangle pos...

  • Hip Aeroplanes

    Grab a couple of bricks and a wall space for a practice dedicated to learning how our feet inform our hips.

  • Embodied Mobility Flow

    A top to toe nourishing mobility sequence designed to help you ease out those creases and claim some end range movement. A spacious practice with lots of opportunity to reconnect to your breath and sensation.