New Classes Released Each Week

New Classes Released Each Week

Week of May 10th

Short on time today? You can still sneak in a quick movement session with Kate! ⏳
Drew targets your upper back extensors in a new Spotlight practice, don’t miss it! 🎯

Week of May 3rd

Experience a fresh flow with Rachel’s Moon Salutations practice 🌕
Join Hannah for a playful session where we become besties with a pair of yoga bricks! 👋🏼
Slow down with Cecily and savor a hip focused flow on the floor 😌

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New Classes Released Each Week
  • 30 Minutes to Move

    Mobilise, strengthen and stretch - when you're short on time but want to add some movement to your day, this is the ideal class!

  • Thoracic Extension - Effort & Position

    With a block and a couple of bolsters at the ready, jump in and work on those thoracic extensors! We explore the differences between position and effort and you'll get to see how this can be employed in your practice on a more regular basis if this is something you find benefit from. This reinfor...

  • Salute to the Moon and Back

    Enjoy tapping into your creative flow as you move through this sequence of poses. We explore spinal extension and strong standing postures with plenty of opportunity to add in your own expression. We repeat the sequence a number of times to allow more freedom of movement and personal practice...

  • Attached at the Brick

    A quick burst of challenge, strength, coordination and fun where we explore a playful practice focusing on two bricks. Part of us stays in contact with two bricks at all times. Exploring new and familiar poses in a unique way.

  • Low + Slow Hip Flow

    A lower body tune-up perfect for those times when you're in the mood to get grounded. No standing postures or weight-bearing on the hands means a more laid-back approach to hip mobility, one that will have you walking away from the mat relaxed and at ease.