New Classes Released Each Week

New Classes Released Each Week

Week of February 22nd

Need a quick hip fix? Cecily’s quick dose of 90-90 will do just the trick 🪄
Kate’s full body wake-up will start your day off right! ☕️
Gather your bolster and have some spontaneous fun with Hannah today! 😈

Week of February 15th

Mobilize and strengthen your shoulders with Meghan’s low intensity practice. 🤩
Tap into lower body strength and power with Rachel’s simple but effective standing flow.⚡️

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New Classes Released Each Week
  • Spinal Rotation Compilation

    A mixture of the more challenging open-chain, and the more "sensational" closed-chain rotations of the spine. Take note of how these twists affect your breathing (and vice versa). No equipment needed for this practice.

  • Flow to Flight

    This fierce vinyasa flow class offers plenty of opportunities for variation and experimentation. After a targeted warmup for pelvis, hips, and wrists, we explore a dynamic flow sequence. At our peak, we’ll revisit a familiar figure-4 pose with an optional progression to flying pigeon. Wind down w...

  • A Quick Hit of 90-90

    This 20-min class focuses on techniques and engagements that will having you feeling the "work" even after you've rolled up your mat. Ideally you already have some exposure to the 90/90 position and know how to best make it work for you. So let's dive in and target the hips, glutes and inner thig...

  • Rise and Shine - from Top to Toe

    30 minutes to mobilise your joints, wake up your muscles and focus your mind - short but rather sweet!

  • Bolster Detoured

    In this spontaneous class we explore using the bolster as a prop to add some load and challenges. Be mindful of the shape of your bolster as this may make some things more challenging. You can substitute the bolster for a rolled mat and blanket.