New Classes Released Each Tuesday

New Classes Released Each Tuesday

Week of August 2nd

Brenda created a knee and wrist-friendly practice featuring side plank 🤩
Unleash your inner spirit animal with Fer’s fun and funky flow 🐻

Week of July 26th

Join Bex for her ‘greatest hits’ collection of rotational hip mobilizations🏆
Target your upper body with Cecily’s latest Movement Interlude installment 🎯

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New Classes Released Each Tuesday
  • You, The Wall, and Side Plank

    This standing practice is great for someone who wants to explore side plank in a way that puts less pressure on the shoulders and wrists. As well as being leg and knee friendly. This is also a fun way to explore if you struggle with side plank on the ground.

  • Unleash Your Spirit Animal

    Animal flow is a movement practice inspired by different disciplines, including yoga. We'll prepare our joints of this class and then we'll jump right in some new movements that will challenge your mobility and strength.

  • Hip Rotation - Greatest Hits

    No props needed for this class. Enjoy 45 minutes of some of my favourite juicy mobility exercises, designed to show us where we are with our current mobility and then have those hips feeling strong and buttery.

  • Movement Interlude - Upper Body

    A perfect anytime practice that that will leave your entire upper body feeling tuned up and ready for whatever else you have in store for it.