Trending This Week!

Trending This Week!


Rachel’s back with a NEW Simple Standing Flow class. And don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing simple about this 36 minute practice! She will guide you through a series of single leg standing balances to build strength and explore how your glute muscles support the movement. 🔥🏋️

Here are three additional class recommendations to leave you feeling great by the end of this week:

▶️ Juice for the Feet & Ankles with Drew
▶️ Movement Interlude - Upper Body with Cecily
▶️ Core Ignition with Sara

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Trending This Week!
  • Simple Standing Flow

    Enjoy building strenth in the legs with single leg standing balances, learning to activate the glutes to support the movement.

  • Juice for the Feet & Ankles

    Our feet and ankles do so much for us and they're so commonly trapped in foot-coffins (ie shoes). Break the chains and work on the mobility and function of your foundation - the ankles and feet. Keep an eye out for some fun at the end. A lot of this work really helps to keep the plantar connectiv...

  • Movement Interlude - Upper Body

    A perfect anytime practice that that will leave your entire upper body feeling tuned up and ready for whatever else you have in store for it.

  • Core Ignition

    Experience reflexive and 3-dimensional core ignition and stability with a progression of simple static, active dynamic, and sneaky-strong movements.