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Watch Back Body Breathing: Head to T9

Watch Back Body Breathing: Head to T9

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  • Back Body Breathing: T9 to L3

    This class focuses on using the breath to emphasize the length and width of the space between your lower ribs and top of the lumbar curve. Discover how deliberate and intentional breathing can alter 3-dimensional pressure of the abdominal region and reveal new sensations in familiar poses. Bonus...

  • Back Body Breathing: L3 to L5

    Explore the relationship between the feet and pelvis in combination with directed breathing to the segment bordered by the bottom of the lumbar curve and the sacral region. Bring desired tension to the sacral band of connective tissue utilizing pressure and force via the breath. You’ll never he...

  • Back Body Breathing: Integration

    This advanced integration combines the skills learned in other three classes in the Segmented Breathing Series. While each segment is referenced in various places throughout the class, the student is encouraged to explore their own preferences, drawing from their experiences in the previous seque...