Pre-Class Prep

Pre-Class Prep

These 10-15 minute classes focus on a specific area of the body to get it “prepped” for your favourite DVS practice. If you always feel better with a bit of extra time spent on your wrists, or often wish for a longer warm-up in the hips, shoulders, or core, these classes will help your body feel its best. And if you’re pressed for time, these bite-sized practices might be just the thing to add a movement break into your day.

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Pre-Class Prep
  • Pre-Class Prep: Core

    Our "Pre-Class Prep" practices help you prime a specific area of your body before proceeding into additional practices or activities. This session targets the core, bringing attention to the breath, spine and abdomen in preparation for wherever you want to go next.

  • Pre-Class Prep: Feet and Ankles

    In less than 10 minutes, we'll utilize props and activations to awaken our feet and ankles. This practice is great as a stand-alone or as a warm up to any other fitness routine, barefoot or otherwise. Our feet are our foundation, so let's bridge the gap of connection from body to brain.

  • Pre-Class Prep: Wrists