Sara Paige

Sara Paige

Broadcasting from: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Hi there, I'm Sara, originally from the Midwest and currently live and teach in Scottsdale, AZ. I create classes for the DVS in my home, under the supervision of my pup Tuffy. He remains unimpressed by my efforts.

Cecily and Yoga Detour is my most valued educational influence, which probably goes without saying. I also tip my hat to all of the incredible mentors in the Detour community for inspiring me to progress and continue to hone my craft. Dr. Andreo Spina of Functional Range Systems and Dr. Moses Bernard’s Ultimate Spine course have both been instrumental in shaping my methods as well. I enjoy learning just as much as I enjoy teaching!

My classes are generally described as subtly challenging with direct and concise communication. In my head, I’m always reminding myself to slow down and talk less to ensure that the receiver is encouraged to own their experience. Accompanied by doses of frivolous humor, my aim is to deliver sustainable movement practices that foster curiosity and discovery.

When I’m not teaching or taking yoga and movement classes, you can find me exploring the outdoors with my family.

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Sara Paige
  • Low Key Reboot

    This gentle floor based mobilization practice is ideal for days when you want to move, but you don't want to work too hard 😉. You will need one yoga block and you may wish to have a blanket for comfort.

  • 30 Minute Feel-Good Moves

    Exploring soft and subtle layers of some familiar moves.

  • Intuitive Flow

    For today’s class, arm yourself with any tools that you would normally use to support your practice. We’re going to create a flow today - please breathe and move in your own rhythm.

  • Challenge & Chill, Lower Body

    You’ll want blocks, a blanket, and a tennis or therapy ball for this hybrid practice designed to grease your lower gears!

  • Rest & Restore

    For the days when you don't have much energy and need to reconnect to calm.

  • Sweet and Simple Side-Body Snack

    Enjoy this low-key practice where we explore lateral flexion and side body sensation. You will need a blanket, blocks, and a strap or band for this class.

  • Fortifying Flow

    This practice is economical in terms of your time investment, but still offers a well-rounded body and mind experience. During this class you'll enjoy some familiar yoga postures, as well as a few new moves. Yoga blocks are optional.

  • Pyramid Power Play

    Exploring variations and progressions in a split stance. This flow offers a challenge to your lower body foundation, shoulders, and core cylinder as we ultimately peak to pyramid pose. Please have two yoga blocks ready for this practice.

  • (R)Evolved Half-Moon

    Move through a targeted warm-up and traverse toward a dynamic revolved half-moon pose, finessing and refining your transitions along the way. You will want 2 yoga blocks for this class.

  • Movement Fusion: Shoulders

    Enjoy this amalgamation of scapular & shoulder mobility, familiar yoga asana, and some relaxing yin-like postures to complete your practice. You’ll want a strap or scarf and a yoga block for this session.