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Watch Treat Yourself: Glutes

Watch Treat Yourself: Glutes

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  • Treat Yourself: Forearms (typing musc...

    For a lot of us, this one should be a daily practice. You may notice a surprisingly high degree of tension in your forearms since this set of muscles does SO much for us (especially if you work at a desk) without getting much in return. This practice will not only help bring relief to your forear...

  • Treat Yourself: Lower Leg Part One

    Let’s address the lower leg, in particular the tibialis anterior or front of your shin bone. While this muscle drives ankle dorsiflexion, extra tension here can actually lead to limited range of motion in the ankles as well. Before doing this practice, squat and test your dorsiflexion angle first...

  • Treat Yourself: Lower Leg Part Two

    While somewhat under the radar, the fibularis muscle group is worth investigating especially if you experience persistent knee or ankle concerns. A bit of attention here can go a long way!