Lara Adler

Lara Adler

Broadcasting from: Sydney, Australia

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Hello, I’m Lara, originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. I began my yoga journey in school to move through pain from a car accident.

Since then, I’ve done yoga on and off, trying a variety of styles. My teaching journey began because I wanted to help others discover confidence through movement. I’m trained in Aerial Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. But I’ve always wanted to learn more, more about the body, more about movement, so much more 😊

In my own yoga practice, I noticed imbalances in my body. I realised I needed to add in some strength training. Along the way I discovered Yoga Detour and so began the journey of learning, unlearning, relearning. The Detour Method has helped me to see things more clearly. It's reignited my curiosity and got me asking more questions than I have the answers to.

I can’t remember where I heard this definition of yoga, but it’s always stuck with me: “Apply a stimulus to the body and notice what happens”. In a Yoga Detour class sometimes this causes laughter, other times you feel cramping, but all are opportunities to learn something about yourself.

I describe my classes as a supportive environment for you to playfully challenge the patterns of your body and mind.

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Lara Adler
  • Work Your Wild Thing

    Wake up your shoulders in all directions as we explore different entries into wild thing. 1 block is optional

  • Half Moon Flow

    Have 1-2 blocks close by as we explore reaching length through your body and taking up space. Challenge your balance and find stability between movements.

  • Wall to Floor Feedback

    Instead of using moveable props you’ll make use of surfaces to get feedback. Find a wall and floor space that allows you to spread out. Enjoy exploring movement with feedback from the wall and floor separately and then together.

  • Stand in Your Feet

    Enjoy a session with a block or book to challenge your balance and help you to connect with the ground. To notice and feel the small movements we might take for granted as we move through our days.

  • Turn your Crow on its Back

    Enjoy a session on your back exploring your hips, shoulders, and core. Come prepared with 2 blocks or books to help you feel the sensation of hugging in and to give you a little extra challenge. Have a little bit of space around you for some rolling too.