Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood

Broadcasting from: Christchurch New Zealand

My own journey with Yoga began over 18 years ago. From my first class I noticed a sense of ‘stillness’ I’d not experienced before. I became aware of how incessant my mind chatter had been, and I gradually woke up to the idea that I am NOT my thoughts.

As someone who loves movement, I was naturally drawn to the physical intensity of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and that was my main practice, for years, until I became a mother and could no longer keep up the rigorous routine.

A couple of years later, in 2017, I left my corporate job and undertook my Yoga Teacher Training. The director of that training program was a student of T K V Desikachar who taught a more therapeutic approach to Vinyasa Yoga. While I gained so much from my YTT, it was also a place where critical thinking wasn’t welcomed and there were many occasions where I felt my questions were ‘shut down’.

Upon graduating, I felt ill-equipped as a teacher until I furthered my training with organisations that invited scientific enquiry and supported me to question, experiment and hold space for seemingly opposing ideas.

The most significant of these trainings have been with Yoga Detour™. DMO and DMS have transformed my teaching and empowered me in my own practice. These courses have sparked so much curiosity for me, and I love to bring that element to my teaching.

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Sarah Wood
  • Train Your Up Dog

    Join me in this deconstruction of your Up Dog - isolating and activating each component. Notice the difference as we then integrate this work into some flows, spending some extra breaths in this (usually) transitional posture. Have a couple of blocks handy and some support for prone work as needed.

  • (Un)knotted Squat

    Join me in this exploration of the components of a twisted squat, inviting the arm position of binding without necessarily linking hands...unless you want to! Bring along a couple of sliders (or alternative) for your feet, a dowel or strap, 2 blocks and optional light hand weights.