Rachel Hanberry

Rachel Hanberry

Broadcasting from: Biscarrosse Plage, France
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rachelhanberryyoga

I have been greatly influenced by many teachers including Swami Sivananda and his teachings on yoga, Elena Brower and her life coaching trainings, and Shiva Rea and Jason Crandell and their teachings on Vinyasa. My practice and teachings are also informed by Pixie Lighthorse and her trainings on Earth Medicine and healing, and Cecily Milne and the Yoga Detour team. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology where I specialized in Human Development and find myself coming back to these studies now as a yoga teacher.

I am originally from Halifax in the UK, and moved to France 10 years ago and founded Yoga Beach House. You'll find me either teaching in the studio or on the beach with my faithful dog Harry who snores through all my classes!

My classes are heartfelt. When you practice with me you will feel more connected to your body but also to your mind and to nature itself, allowing for a more rounded practice as you become more cognizant of your connection to all. I believe the practice of yoga is for everybody and that it can have a profound effect on everybody, through yoga we can learn how to love ourselves and each other more wholesomely, the practice of yoga leads to peace.

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Rachel Hanberry
  • Full Moon Flow

    Enjoy connecting to the energy of the full moon as we explore half moon pose in this detoured flow. You might need a block for practice.

  • Oceanic Flow

    This flow aims to connect you to the fluid energy of the ocean as we detour through dancing warrior finishing with camel pose. Allow your breath to be guided by the power of the ocean as we end class in savasana together.

  • Goddess Flow

    Let's explore connecting to the strength in our legs to support this standing flow which includes a version of dancing warrior and goddess flow. For those times when you need to connect to the lower part of your body through moments of less structured movement and feel energised.

  • Start Your Day with A Good Morning!

    Awaken your hamstrings with this class designed to bring more awareness and strength to the back of your legs. Working with different variations of a "Good Morning" you will find strength and stability in the legs as we explore a detoured version of a single leg balance pose.

  • Exploring Half Moon Pose

    During this class you will spend time preparing your body for this strong standing posture ensuring that you feel ready. You will then explore different ways to access the position as you spend some time playing with the pose, building up your strength and self confidence.

  • Take Your Camel to Water!

    During this class you will be encouraged to explore a fluid quality of your movements as you connect to your breath whilst balancing that freedom of movement with more structured muscle engagement. This class is ideal for when you need a boost of energy or as a morning practice as we will be expl...

  • Get Up and Go!

    During this class you will raise your energy levels through conscious movement and focus on your breath leaving you feeling more energised and raring to go! Suitable for the morning or anytime you need an energy boost.

  • Rest is Best

    Settle into 3 simple restorative poses to nourish and support your soul as you relinquish your control on life for these few moments and let go. Perfect for when you need some me time, some self love and to get away from the busyness of life.