Marianne Moore

Marianne Moore

Broadcasting from: Oromocto, NB, Canada

I initially fell into yoga reluctantly. As an avid runner, I felt I didn’t have the time or patience for that mat. However, I soon found myself injured, post-marathon, and dragged myself into the nearest yoga class. It was from there that my love for yoga, and later for teaching, started and I haven't looked back since!

I am forever grateful for my foundations in yoga, coming from Christine Felstead's Yoga for Runners, closely followed by my 200 hour teacher training. Under this tutelage I was introduced to the Detour Method and later completed my certifications in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and Drew Hume’s Thai Yoga Course amongst others.

I aim to offer classes that move all the parts of the body mindfully by focusing on developing and challenging ranges of motion. I hope that through consistent and varied movement we can work towards better balance within the body and mind while increasing our longevity in guided discovery.

Always evolving and forever learning, I hope you can join me on the mat for some movement fun - catered to all levels - creating a greater awareness of mind and movement!

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Marianne Moore
  • Extend Your Reach

    In this short flow class we isolate movements of the head, neck, shoulders and spine while also paying attention to our lower body, wrists and toes! Grab a block for this class for some extra feedback and some adductor work.

  • Stability Challenge

    In this class we work on both internal and external hip rotation in varying unloaded and loaded positions while we incorporate this into a short flow and challenge our stability! Blocks can be used in this practice but no equipment is required.

  • Walk the Plank

    We find strength with a responsive and reflexive core, in this class we focus on wrists, shoulders, spine and play with some movement in plank.

  • We Sitz, We Move!

    In today’s class we focus on internal and external rotation of the hips, bring some awareness to the position of our pelvis and articulate our spinal movement. No props are required for this class but a blanket, blocks or bolster may be helpful and we explore v-sit and prone positions.

  • Head and Shoulders Above

    In this practice we focus on movement around the head, neck and shoulders. We play with different positions of internal and external rotation as well as scapular CARs before adding a short flow. We use 2 blocks in this practice and be sure to clear some space around you to avoid blocks colliding ...

  • Mobility & Balance Medley

    With movement on the mind we focus this practice on balance, some targeted hip work and incorporate controlled articular rotations from supported seated and standing positions. A quick 40 minute practice can be done seated on blocks, a chair, bolster or even a bench. We use blocks for the standin...

  • Hips and Spine Combined

    In today's class we zero in on some movements around the pelvis, including the internal and external rotation of the hip capsule and some activation and stretching of the hamstrings. We also spend some time moving our spine through flexion, extension and rotation. We play with our balance briefly...

  • Twist, Toes and Flow

    In today’s class we work through spinal segmentation and thoracic rotation. We spend time working on our feet in varying positions, focusing on extension and checking in with the movement of each of our toes. We use this foundational work to play with our balance; in some exploratory hinges and f...