Kate Sassanelli

Kate Sassanelli

Broadcasting from: Saddleworth, England UK
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sassyogaandwellbeing

Originally influenced by the sequencing of Vinyasa, and with a keen interest in anatomy and how our bodies function, I combine innovative movement with traditional yoga poses, creating mindful full body flows to improve mobility, stability and strength. As well as empowering you to discover how your body should move, I aim to provide the tools to sustain movement for the long term - whatever your age, ability or current experience.

Yoga and movement have massively benefited my mental health and I actively promote that this practice is more than just physical. Spending time on my mat, focusing on the movement and physical sensations, emphasises the importance of being present in the moment and finding a sense of peace. Through a consistent practice, I have improved my quality of sleep and social functioning, enhanced my spiritual wellbeing and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.

I like to think of myself as living proof of the amazing physical and mental benefits of this practice. I most definitely practice what I preach!

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Kate Sassanelli
  • Lower Body Mobility Stability and Strength

    As always, moving with love...lower body mobility, stability and strength - accumulating with balance! No props required.

  • Hamstring Strength & Single Leg Balance

    Using various techniques, we’ll work to strengthen our hamstrings as well as testing balance and proprioception. Get ready to feel the burn! Grab a block to increase the challenge.

  • Flex, Extend & Twist

    As well as moving your spine in all directions to improve mobility, we'll work through some lower body control work to test and develop your strength and stability. No props required unless you usually like to add blocks to your practice.

  • Let's Get Creative & Flow!

    Using functional movement to wake up our hips, hamstrings and ankles, we'll flow through variations of Goddess pose - whilst tapping into the creative side of our brains!

    PROPS: two blocks or hardback books - not compulsory, but may make some poses a little more comfortable.

    Playlist available...

  • Branch Out and Grow Your Tree Pose!

    As we explore internal and external hip rotation, we'll test our balance and control in various Tree Poses.

  • Rise and Shine - Move your Middle

    The perfect 30 minute wake up for your body and mind mobilising and moving the torso in all directions.

  • Spinal Mobility and Detoured Flow

    Your spine is happiest when it's moving in ALLLL directions! Let's flex, extend and twist before linking in a juicy Detoured flow!

  • Releasing Tension and Mobilizing Shoulders

    Let's release some of that shoulder tension - bring a block with you!

  • Shoulder Mobility and Strength

    Shoulder focus with some cheeky lower body activation in there! You'll need a strap or something similar.

  • Move, Mobilise and Control your Core

    Mixing up full spinal mobility with core control to really feel it through your middle!