Ali Lipson

Ali Lipson

Broadcasting from: Toronto, Ontario

My passion for movement and Yoga began over 25 years ago with an Ashtanga vinyasa practice. I completed my first YTT in 2001 and started teaching Vinyasa style classes. It didn't take long before I began to feel the weight of sharing a dogmatic, rigid practice. As I became curious about moving in new and different ways, it became clear that the physical practice of yoga is really just one form of movement expression amongst many others. With that in mind, I went on to study and train in multiple other movement modalities including kettlebell training, natural movement, Pilates and somatics. When I walked into Cecily's class the first time, it was like all the puzzle pieces came together. This is what I had been looking for, a way to blend and distill all of these disciplines into a creative, educational, and empowering experience.

As a Registered Yoga Detourâ„¢ Instructor, I am still on that same path today, continually working to enrich and expand my capacities as a movement facilitator/yoga teacher. I'm broadcasting to you from my Toronto "movement attic", amongst my various training toys, sharing my passion for play and exploration both on and off the mat. Join me in class to ignite your curiosity and experience a liberated approach where there's never only one way to move. Together, we'll walk away feeling embodied, strong, and resilient.

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Ali Lipson
  • CorePlay

    Grab a couple of blocks, some floor space and let's get rolling, literally! Let's play with some kinetic block drills and variations on familiar flows to explore and experience the wonder of your responsive and dynamic core.

  • Loaded Strength Circuit 2.0

    Begin with a dynamic warmup, build your strength with 3 sets of 3 strengthening exercises and then finish up with some soothing stretches and familiar yoga poses. Props recommended : stretchy band,1 light &1 med/heavy weight, yoga block or sandbag.

  • Windup to Winddown

    Get up and get back down again, and again. This dynamic class will help you to build your strength, coordination, and balance.

  • Primal Movement Sweat Session

    Let's use all that agility we've been working on and get sweaty. This class is full on fun. Mobility drills, coordination, control, and conditioning all in less than an hour. Grab a dowel or strap and a block. We'll cycle through 4 circuits, including a warmup, mobilization/ activation, and con...

  • Loaded Strength Circuit

    Begin with a dynamic full body warmup, work your way through 3 rounds of 4 compound strength exercises and then finish off with some easy stretches to smooth things out. This class has options for experienced lifters and beginners too. Props required: 1 set of lighter weights, 1 single med/heavy...

  • Feelin' Good Flow

    Find ease and fluidity with this simple practice. Focus less on alignment and take your cue from within. Move organically and intuitivly through familiar shapes and find novelty in the moment.

  • Somatic Scorpion Play

    Ever feel like you want to move your whole body but you want to take it easy? Explore and play with the more subtle aspects of scorpion rolls and low lunge variations before putting it together in a dynamic flow. This class is easy on the shoulders and wrists and gets your hips moving in all th...

  • Wind it Down Pyjama Flow

    This class strikes a balance between effort and ease. A full body class that pays extra attention to getting your lower body moving. Relieve tension in your lumbar spine, pelvis and hips and set yourself up for a relaxing evening. Also great as a post workout cool down.

  • Rocking and Rolling: A Ground to Standing Practice

    In this class we gently rock, roll and explore our way though some of the developmental movement patterns. Beginning with diaphragmatic breathing we mobilize, strengthen and build our way up to standing flows. This practice encourages somatic awareness and exploration, and will leave you feeling...

  • Strong and Supple Core

    Have a pair of blocks and a small towel on hand. This hour + class is a steady, sweaty exploration of reflexive core strength. A full body class that will leave you feeling like you just did a bunch of ab exercises with out ever doing a single crunch.

  • Netflix & Move

    This class has some of my favorite mobility drills woven into a steady paced flowing practice. Starting gently in a prone position, we mobilise and move our hips, spines, upper and lower limbs in a fun and dynamic way that will leave you feeling invigorated and restored.